Friday, July 2, 2010

Brief World Cup note

Given the Netherlands win, I can now realistically hope for a Netherlands v Germany final. Just need Germany to beat Spain and Argentina, which isn't impossible but it'll be a rough fight for them. I'd be surprised if Uruguay could stop the Netherlands from getting to the final. Here's hoping for Germany!


  1. Holy heck, what a game. GER-NED will be lots of fun, though I'll be sad to see Spain lose on Wednesday. ;) This disproves all the whinging about weak European sides going into the tournament, right? Sure, Italy and France are no good, but that wasn't a surprise.

  2. I think the deal was that people still think that France and Italy and Spain and England are the best teams in Europe, when actually all but Spain have been having terrible years recently. Which isn't to say that they tend to be bad. Italy and France both did quite well last Cup. But it's not surprising that as the game changes and as the players change, the teams will have failure years when they need to adapt. Northern Europe hasn't dominated international soccer for a while, and now it's its turn to shine! :D