Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some Housekeeping

So, I should probably go over the sorts of things that one can expect from this blog, and the things one should not expect. Starting with the latter, one shouldn't expect incredibly detailed analysis of what various philosophers have to say on a given subject. For one, I don't operate under the assumption that you came here to take a philosophy course. For another, I honestly don't have as much interest in which particular philosophers have things to say about the answers to a question as I have in what is said. Finally, though, I just don't have the expertise. While I have studied a good few philosophers that have useful things to say on the subjects I'm interested in, what I have in my head are more intuitions about what famous philosophers would have said, or how to apply what those philosophers said to my issues. Putting that onto paper is more often than not going to be beyond me.

What you can expect is for me to write from a philosophical perspective with a philosophical methodology on the questions that I feel are important in the human experience.  From time to time this will be sparked by a question a famous philosopher posed, and I'll duly point you towards some good explanation of what that philosopher meant, as it is relevant to what I want to talk about. But my hope for the kind of conversation this blog will be (my favorite type of conversation: I get the big, heralded posts and any one else joining gets to merely comment upon my utterances, like peons!) is that we will talk about important moral and metaphysical issues in a way that grounds it in our experience and the way that we interface with those issues. More often than not, I've found things like "Like any good Kantian, I believe blah blah blah about the world" just ends up obfuscating what someone actually has to say about the world. If what I believe is like what Kant has to believe, then maybe I'll reference how he got there, but mostly I want to talk about how I got there. That's why this is armchair philosophy.

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